Work. Life. Balanced. It’s not just a tagline, it’s the main organizing principle for Covo. That’s why we’ve put just as much thought into our life enhancements as we have for our work amenities. Click any of the icons below to explore that benefit in more detail.

Work Amenities
Life Enhancements

24/7 access. You never know when you’ll run up against a last-minute deadline, and need Covo to be open at 4 am. That’s why our members have keycard-enabled access to all 3 Covo levels, including our two member-only Clubhouse levels, 24 hours a day. Back to top
Meeting Rooms. In addition to our classroom, Covo has 7 other meeting rooms of varying size, from 4 to 20 people. Members receive $160 in conference room credit a month (4-8 hours) as part of their membership. Back to top
Printing. Monthly members receive unlimited B&W printing, scanning, and faxing as part of their membership. If you’re going to need color printing or to access our large-format printing services, we can add those capabilities to your membership. Back to top
Unlimited coffee and tea. Members have free access to DIY coffee and tea in the members' kitchenette. If you want the full-service experience, or something a little fancier, members also receive a 10% discount at the Covo Coffee Shop. Back to top
Member events. Covo has loads of fantastic events in the pipeline. Members receive exclusive invitations to members-only events, and free or discounted tickets to most open events. Look out for useful and/or fun things like beer & brats tasting, tea, toast & technology, VC meet and greets, and continued education. Back to top
Mail services. All Covo members may use 981 Mission Street as their official business address for all mail and package services. Back to top
Phone Booths. Covo’s 13 private phone booths, distributed across its 3 floors, ensure that you never have to walk too far to take your calls in a quiet, private spot. For our lovely new moms, one doubles as a lactation room. Back to top
Visible company branding. The first thing guests see when they come to Covo is your logo on our entry wall. That way, no matter where you sit at Covo, people know you’re there! Back to top
AEC services. Thanks to our partnership with Good Design, we have a fully outfitted materials library, CAD workstations that members can check out, and plotter printing at below-market costs. Check out our AEC Services page to learn more. Back to top
Classroom. Education happens all over the space, but we also designed a gorgeous multi-purpose classroom that can seat up to 30 people. It is equipped with state-of-the-art AV equipment, a 70" flat-screen TV, and white board, and is great for educational programming, professional meet-up groups, and more. Back to top
Steps from BART/MUNI. Covo is conveniently located a block-and-a-half from Powell BART and MUNI Station. We're also close to countless bus lines and the Fifth & Mission Parking Garage. Back to top
Coffee Shop. Everybody works better after getting that morning infusion of caffeine, so we figured why not provide the bay area’s best coffee right where you work? That’s why we folded a full-service Equator coffee shop into Covo, opening at 8:00 am. It satisfies the most refined palate without being pretentious, just the way we like it. Back to top
Tap Room. There is no better way to network, or relax after a long day of work, than with craft beer and wine. That’s why we carefully source and regularly update the best libations we can find in Covo’s Tap Room, open until 8PM (extended hours coming soon) Monday through Friday. Back to top
Full-Service Café. We have a member kitchen in the Clubhouse, but we also have a full-service café for those days when you just can’t be motivated to bring your lunch. And if that’s not enough, we’ll bringing in frequent food pop-ups from around the bay to keep our food offerings varied and delicious. Back to top
Beverage discounts. It would be cruel to dangle amazing drinks in front of you and then say you have to pay the exact same amount as the rest of San Francisco. So Covo monthly members receive a 10% discount on all drinks we sell. Back to top
Member portal. All monthly members have access to our member portal. It allows you to communicate with us and your fellow members, post status updates, sign up for and learn about events, tap into the Covo community for professional advancement opportunities, and much more. Back to top
Member tab & mobile ordering [Coming Soon]. Who wants to go through all of the effort of walking all the way up to the cafe AND taking out their wallet? Nobody. At Covo, you can order right from your phone, and if you do go up to the café you never have to take out your wallet because everything you order is charged directly to your member tab. Back to top
Nap Room. You work hard. You nap hard. That’s just how you roll. Us, too. Back to top
Bike Room. It’s San Francisco. Chances are you bike far more often than you drive (though we do have parking nearby at the Fifth & Mission Parking Garage). Our spacious, secured bike room ensures that your bike likes Covo just as much as you do. Back to top
Member Shower. We could have a bike room without a corresponding shower, but we think it’s better for everyone to give our hard-pedaling bikers a place to freshen up. Back to top
Day-Use Cubbies. Even mobile workers accumulate “stuff” that’s handy to have around. Thus, cubbies on our members-only lower level. Back to top
Pet Friendly. We love animals! And they make our community better. That’s why we’re happy to welcome your furry companion at Covo. (See our FAQ for more details on bringing your pet to Covo). Back to top
Dry Cleaning Services. Our partnership with Laundry Locker means that you no longer have to make a second stop at the dry cleaners on the way to work. Back to top
Futuristic Toilets. Our partnership with Toto means that our toilets greet you as you approach them and come with sophisticated features like a built-in bidet and seat warmer. Back to top