Covo is the first coworking space that enhances how you live, not just how you work. 

It's wonderful coworking, wrapped around a terrific coffee shop, café, and tap room. Covo pushes coworking further, with an extensive suite of amenities you just don't find under one roof. We enlisted local celeb restauranteur Matt Semmelhack to help us create a space that integrate food and beverage seamlessly within the core of coworking.

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All this gives Covo members the time-saving convenience of delicious on-site food and drink for themselves – as well as with their clients, coworkers and friends.

We think about it like this: Your productivity skyrockets during the day when you’re fueled by caffeine in this beautiful, easy-to-focus space, and then your creativity and connectivity spike around happy hour with that first adult beverage (though, fair warning, your productivity may plummet shortly thereafter).

We welcome you to pop in on occasion, or consider us your second home. Whether you are starting your day with a nice cup of coffee served in your very own mug, focusing on a big project, hosting a business lunch, or kicking back with a pint of beer, Covo elevates your experience and helps you fully live each moment.