Make Me a Freshman



A major benefit of Covo is that there are tech companies, there are non-profits, there are social companies — there’s a range of different people. Some of them are working directly in education, or similar spaces, and I’ve certainly gotten to know those people. But I also get access to valuable perspectives outside of the realm of what I’m doing with Make Me A Freshman.
— Amy Jeffery, Founder of Make me a Freshman

One of the most valuable tools any entrepreneur possesses is their personal perspective, developed out of a unique history of problem-solving experience. The Make Me A Freshman app represents Covo member Amy Jeffery’s experience with the often-frustrating college application process, and embodies Covo’s spirit of empowered, community-centric solutions that make an impact on an individual level as well as at scale.


Ms. Jeffery developed Make Me A Freshman to be a comprehensive and free-to-use interface that provides a simple look at each university’s entrance protocols, easing students’ organization workload and allowing them to direct more energy toward polishing their application essays and adding points to their test scores. Accelerated through her Harvard incubator as an undergrad — where Make Me A Freshman received its first round of funding —Ms. Jeffery took her budding business to Covo, attracted by its diverse roster of talented tenants.

Covo’s cooperative environment fosters rapid growth of companies like Make Me A Freshman by emphasizing the importance of relationships, based around the belief that the best collaborative insights come from those who are intimately familiar with the unique history and people behind each entrepreneurial endeavor.

I’ve gotten great advice on the tools that I should be using for my business, but it’s also fun because there is a social piece where I have been able to meet some friends, and get to know people over lunch and happy hours and other events that are hosted by Covo, and exchange ideas. The networking aspect of working at Covo is really valuable because it’s based around getting to know the people, as well as what they want to build.
— Amy Jeffery, Founder of Make me a Freshman

As Make Me A Freshman continues to grow, Ms. Jeffery stresses the importance of continuing to focus on the relationships that allow her company to grow — both at Covo, and with her rapidly increasing base of college-bound users.

My favorite part of what I do is getting to hear feedback from the students and the users who feel that Make Me A Freshman is actually helping them by making applying to college easier. Being at Covo, it’s amazing that we’ve got a community of people with so many experiences and ideas they’re willing to share, so that I can quickly improve my product and keep improving the lives of users.
— Amy Jeffery, Founder of Make me a Freshman