San Francisco Rates


$4 / Hour

Coworking without commitment. Don't want to work from home, but don't want a full-time office either? Try out our hourly coworking lounge. Come in and grab a seat, you'll have access to phone booths, plugs everywhere, printing, and blazingly fast internet, all for $4 an hour. 


$419 / Month

A flexible membership. You'll spend Monday heads-down on the lower level; Wednesday amidst the hustle and bustle of the sun-soaked main floor, and Friday looking out from the mezzanine. All the Covo amenities. All the freedom you can handle.

Dedicated Desk

$569 / Month

A desk of your own. Maybe you have a big monitor and tons of paper files (it’s okay that you still have them!) or you just want some room to stretch out with your own stuff. You get a locking cabinet, your own desk and chair and nameplate.

SEMI-Private Office

From $819 / Month

Your own slice of Covo. The Covo community, your own four walls, and a locking door. Plus a filing cabinet and signage. No need to schlep stuff back and forth each day. No need to keep your shoes on while you work.