SOMA Pilipinas



In April of 2016, San Francisco's Board of Supervisors passed legislation that would turn a large part of San Francisco’s SOMA neighborhood into a Filipino Cultural district called SOMA Pilipinas.

Covo SF is located at the heart of this newly designated district. As part of that community we’re proud to be a part of the development of that community by providing a home for meet-ups, coworking.

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We wanted to take coworking out of ivory towers and build this resource on the ground where all residents and professionals can reach it. Hence our public coffee shop and bar, and hourly drop-in lounge. We are so grateful to be a support tool for SOMA Pilipinas and the 27 other non-profits in our district.
— Founder and CEO of Covo, Rebecca Pan

In partnership with Kultivate Labs, the SOMA Pilipinas working group, and fellow community members, Covo hosted a multitude of planning meetings, meet-ups, and provided office space to help facilitate this ambitious community endeavor. After months of planning and hard work from everyone in the local community, SOMA Pilipinas became of one the first CA Cultural Districts Pilot Programs.

To build a cultural district is no easy task. We have to build buy-in not just from the city, but from the community at large. We had no budget, just a dream and a Keynote presentation. Covo stepped up to the plate and offered free space to work, host our outreach meetings, and a space where we could dream big and execute on a grand scale. Thanks to Covo we were able to focus our energies and project a level of professionalism that helped us raise $130,000 in city grants to jump-start our economic development strategies.
— Chair of Economic Development for SOMA Pilipinas, Desi Danganan

We’re proud to be a part of the development of SF’s newest cultural district, SOMA Pilipinas. Covo is about more than just coworking, we’re about local community, and we mean that.We're so happy to see SOMA Pilipinas thrive and launch UNDISCOVERED SF: A Creative Night Market from Covo.