What Is Covo?

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Covo stands for Collective Voice. A level playing field. A fair shake for everyone regardless of color, origin, or gender.

There is a commonly accepted concept that the strongest and most worthy will rule the world. If you follow that logic, the French, Spanish, English, Japanese, Turkish, Egyptian, Mongolian and many other peoples have all been worthy world leaders at different points in history.

However, there is another philosophy that is much less commonly heard, but that I believe holds significantly more logic and merit.

This is the concept that healthy, complete, happy, holistic, egalitarian societies don’t go out and conquer new lands and peoples, because they already have everything they need. They have enough resources to thrive without requiring them to reach outside of their own environment for more resources, supplies, food, or labor.

Many First Nation peoples fall under this category. They had both female and male leaders and were happier, healthier, hardier and more egalitarian. Meanwhile, in those civilizations where inequality ran rampant, where there were ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’, where there was a clear distinction between wealthy and working people, resources were never sufficient and new lands and peoples had to be continually conquered to feed the beast.

In 2018, the fact that much of the world including our own United States, is so filled with bias against people of different color, culture, ethnicity, sexual preference, and gender, means two things to me.

One: the bad guys are still winning, and even though a lot of societies are more progressive now than they were, we have such a long way to go. It’s appalling how slowly things are moving.

And two: that so much energy, life, and resources are being wasted each and every day because we are unable to all work together in harmony.

Just think how much ink and paper - whole forests! - are used by some in trying to convince us that those grasping ‘others’ are trying to take everything away from us. How many people’s lives are ruined through conflict, forced migration, separation and detention? How much sheer energy and money goes into putting up barriers to cooperation all over the world?

Collective Voice calls for equality. Today. Now! And it is everyone’s job; white men, black women, you, me, and everybody else. It is our responsibility and opportunity to make it happen.